Cellulose Nitrate Membrane Filters

Cellulose Nitrate Membrane Filters

Minipore Membrane Filter is manufactured from CN Polymer. It is a thin porous plastic structure having millions of pores per square centimeter and it is biologically inert, having discrete pore size to meet wide range of usage and application. Membrane is very suitable for conventional filtration in Pharmaceutical, electronics, food & beverage industries.


Low Chemical

Ideal for Gas/ Organic Solvent Filtration

Gravimetric determination with tare mass

Chemically Inert

Binder Free

Max. Operating Temp. 550 C

Technical Data


Parenteral solution sterilization, Clarification of hazy solution, Sterility testing, Clarification of serum, Biological investigation of water & waste-water, Cytological examination, Cell harvesting, Colony hybridization, Micro biological analysis.

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